About us

Klirrton was founded in 2018 cause I wanted a personal creativity space. Klirrton should be kind of a playground for creativity and cool music gear, where I do what I like, where the product speaks for itself, where bedroom musicians or rockstars get gear designed, they ever wanted. If people like Klirrton’s stuff, I’m happy. If not it’s totally ok for me, too. In my opinion, it’s all about sound and personal taste! You have to decide for yourself if it is awesome or if it’s shit. It’s that simple, isn’t it?

My name’s Carsten and the founder of Klirrton. I am an electrical engineer from Germany. Yes, I got some German engineering titles, but does that matter? It’s not the piece of paper, that let you reach your goals. It’s passion and love for your job!

I am a really lucky guy, that I have the freedom to do a thing like Klirrton. But it would not be possible without the massive support of my patient beloved familiy, my old friends that support me all along my way for decades and my new friends I met all over the world on my exciting way.

And last but not least, the world of Klirrton spins really fast, that suprised me a lot, cause the market of music gear is overloaded, especially the market of pedals. But I love electronics, music gear and pedals, it’s my passion, so I have to do it anyway! Thanks for all you customers out there!

Carsten, May – 2019