Artists & User

Guilherme Miranda - Entombed AD / Krow

Guilherme made several videos for Grindstein and it is in heavy use. New cooperations with him are on the way! Stay tuned…

Ian Jekelis - Aborted

Albums with Grindstein in use: „La Grande Mascarade“

Ben Liepelt - Endseeker

Jonas Kjellgren - Black Lounge Studio

Nico Elgstrand - Entombed AD

Nico uses Lichtbringer to boost his Mr.Hector live on stage and in the studio and he  told me Lichtbringer is all over the album “Bowels of Earth”.

Charles Greywolf - Studio Greywolf

Charles uses Grindstein and Lichtbringer in his studio. He said: “Dreamteam in so many ways… The Klirrton Lichtbringer and the Grindstein… From singing tones to grinding tones… Best tools in ages…”

Jakob Batten - Illdisposed

Jakob was the first guy who worked with me and the result his signature distortion pedal is a bad ass beast! He uses it in live setup and in the studio.

Ghislain van der Stel - Sinister

Albums with Grindstein in use: „Deformation Of The Holy Realm“

Manu Dalle - Benighted

Albums with Grindstein in use: „Obscene Repressed“

Mika Lagren - Grave

Pierre Arnoux - Benighted

Mika Aalto - Rotten Sound

Masayoshi Onodera - Arise In Stability

Tee - Unholy Grave

Lasse Revsbech - Baest

Torsten Hirsch - Agrypnie / NocteObducta

Torsten reached out to me and asked if I can make a reverb for him for a tour. So I designed him a custom one-off reverb.

Colin Dickie - Earth Rot