Illdisposed – Signature Distortion


Illdisposed – Signature Distortion Pedal

This tight and modern two channel distortion is developed for Jakob Batten of the Danish Death Metal Legends Illdisposed.

Jakob simply wanted his sound in a box for their flygigs and I accepted the challenge. In the end, he told me, he uses it in his live- and studio rig! The pedal has two channels simply called the Green and Red Channel. Green channel is mainly for mean rhythm guitars and the volume boosted Red Channel is designed for crushing Leads. Both have a very versatile and easy to use one knob Midcut and a EQ voicing switch.

Both channels are boosted by a circuit where you can change the overall tone by a Gain Control and Tone Control. You even can select between two high gain ranges with the Hi/Lo switch. Jakobs pedal which is always on and you can only select between both channels, but for the series pedal I integrated a True Bypass Switch to switch the pedal on and off. The second footswitch Channel Select Switch changes between the Green and Red Channel.

  • 9VDC Power Supply (center negative)
  • High quality, selected electronic components
  • Hammond Aluminium Die-hard enclosure
  • Powdercoated and laserengraved
  • Made in Germany by a German engineer


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Cody Burke’s Illdispoed Signature Distortion Video