OhMyGoat! – The devil’s distortion

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“This is the most satanic distortion pedal you have ever heard!”, Kristian Kohle a.k.a the Goatloard says!

The story behind OhMyGoat! is really simple. The unholy Goat appeared at Klirrton’s workshop with a mean looking entourage of famous metalheads (Mika of Grave, Guilherme of EntombedAD and many more…) and forced us to redesign the Bottomshaker channel of the mighty Grindstein to become a standalone, badass distortion.
Kohle and I refused to do so, but they treated us with country, R’n’B and Opera-Metal and forced us to drink warm alcohol-free beer!
So we tweaked it, bathed it in blood, did a redesign and played unholy riffs until they screamed:
“Oh My Goat!, that’s it! The tone straight out of Hell!”.
And here it is! The devil’s distortion.


  • More distortion you will ever need with different flavors (Boost control and Gain control)
  • Highly effective EQ (huge lowend, higly tweakable highs)
  • A very complex sounding mid control that can go from tranistor-like, scooped mids to beautiful sounding, warm mids
  • Can be played into a clean channel or into a poweramp (or even straight into IRs)
  • Internal noisegate with 3 intensity modes (Off/Moderate/Aggressive)


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Oh My Goat! – Kristian Kohle presentation!

Oh My Goat! – Ben from Endseeker

Oh My Goat! – Louis Torres

Oh My Goat! – Silas Fernandes (PORTUGUESE VERSION)

Oh My Goat! – Silas Fernandes (ENGLISH VERSION)

Oh My Goat! – Johan Lund (Pedal into FX-Return/Pedal into DAW+IR)

Oh My Goat! – ArnoldPlaysGuitar “Unbiased Gear Review”

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Dimensions 19 × 16 × 15 cm

2 reviews for OhMyGoat! – The devil’s distortion

  1. zakdavies24

    Great pedal. Usually I wouldn’t spend this much cash on a pedal due to my financial position but for this item it was absolutely worth it. Exceptional tone, easy to work with, doesn’t fight you. The pedal feels sturdy like a tank and reliable. The one single downside I can think of is the fact that there’s no integrated grips underneath, will have to stick some of my own on to stop it from sliding, but that’s not a huge deal.

    5 stars!

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  2. colinandrews

    “The Devil’s Distprtion” – The name says it all! This is easily my favourite distortion pedal that I have ever used. The distortion is aggressive, as you would expect, but also articulate even with all of the gain. The bass is full but is all usable and not flubby – it reminds me of a modern take on a rectifier. The mids control is just at the right frequency to either go for old school scoop or to boost and push the guitar forward in the mix. The range of the treble control is huge but even at the extremes, the highs become grinding (in a good way) rather than piercing. The boost control is the secret weapon of the pedal – cranking it up boost the front end like a tubescreamer (tightening the bass and adding more mid punch), meaning you don’t need an eternal overdrive to boost it.
    My only negative it that you have to open the pedal to access the switch for the noise gate – It would have been useful to have that switch on the top of the pedal.
    Overall, its built like a tank, sounds spectacular and is staying on my board for the foreseeable future.

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