Grindstein – Endseeker Signature Edition (Limited Editon)


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Metal producer Kristian Kohle (Aborted, Benighted, Powerwolf, Hämatom, Eskimo Callboy) and KLIRRTON have teamed up for this dirty beast!

We are taking the dirty and fuzzy death metal tones from the 90s into the modern age. You can go anywhere from a ripping chainsaw to a more modern and tight sound with just a touch of grind. It can go from the Swedish HM2 sound all the way to 90’s Florida transistor distortion, but with modern fat lowend and thightness like never heard before! A character beast with many dirty sonic possibilities! The ultimate combination of old school and modern! The pedal is intended to be played straight into the poweramp of a tubeamp with a cranked presence! (You can use it in front of an amp as well, but it’s not gonna produce the sound from our demovideos.)

Plug and Play recording device and livesound:
There’s Kemper profiles and IRs of different poweramps and cabs included. All recorded at Kohlekeller Studios. Using these profiles or IRs you can plug the Grindstein straight into your soundcard. So it’s plug and play even without a real amp both live and in the studio!

Effectloop to mix ANY sound with the chainsaw channel:
There’s an effectloop that gives you the possibility to mix YOUR favourite distortion pedal or tube preamp with the chainsaw channel of the Grindstein and there’s a phase switch for sonic experiments. Endless possibilities! So if you’re looking for something more dirty and charismatic than your everyday modern high gain, this is for you!

BUT BEWARE! The GRINDSTEIN is ugly and fuckin dirty!


  • the ultimate death metal guitar pedal (inspired by producer KRISTIAN KOHLE)
  • two mixable channels (chainsaw and bottomshaker)
  • inbuilt boost (based on Klirrton’s Lichtbringer circuit) to tighten the overall sound
  • phaseswitch (flipping one channel) for an out-of-phase, supergrindy sound
  • 3 EQ bands on the chainsaw and 2 bands on the bottomshaker
  • effectloop to replace the bottomshaker with ANY other pedal or preamp to mix it with the chainsaw channel.
  • handmade in Germany, only the best components used
  • included Kemper profiles and IRs of poweramps and cabs
  • design by ENDSEEKER


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Official Grindstein Trailer

Instant Swedish Death Metal:

Grindstein injection in a nutshell:

Mendel (ex-Aborted):

Kohle explains Grindstein, cause Grindstein is no HM2 clone-warrior:

Early prototypes studies:

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Dimensions 34 × 18 × 17 cm


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